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SEAS Board of Directors
SEAS has 13 Board members, 8 Alaskan seats (AK) and 5 At Large seats (AL)

President - Dan Castle (AK)
Vice President - Randy Stewart (AL)
Secretary - Gary Haynes (AK )
Treasurer - Justin Peeler (AK)
Nik Nebl (AK)
Steve Huestis (AL)
Stan Savland (AK)
Mitch Eide (AK)
Kellan Patrick (AL)
Jeremy Jensen (AK)
Al Jacklet (AL)
Lauchlin Leach (AL)

Executive Director

SEAS has a new Executive Director, Susan Doherty. After ten years, Bobby T has passed the torch. Susan spent 35 years working for Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (SSRAA) as the Research and Evaluation Manager. She developed a comprehensive otolith-sampling program in Southern Southeast Alaska to evaluate contribution of chum salmon annually by time/strata/ and gear, which has become a management tool for The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G). Susan developed annual forecasting models for SSRAA’s salmon returns and has worked on joint projects with numerous agencies in ADF&G, NOAA, and The Forest Service. She has presenting on forecasting, salmon culture, otolith technology, and fish diseases at numerous fisheries meetings and symposiums. Susan has also served as an adjunct professor for the University of Southeast.

SEAS also has a new office in Ketchikan just steps away from the Harbor Master’s office in Bar Harbor. While there is still an office in the Fishermen’s Building in Juneau, Susan will be working most of the time out of the office in Ketchikan. If you are in the area stop by at 2847 Tongass Ave, introduce yourself, and let her know how SEAS can better serve the diverse interests of the Southeast Alaska Seine fleet.