The Southeast Alaska Seiners Association was formed in 1968 by a group of concerned Ketchikan commercial salmon purse seiners. For a time it was known as SASBOO. It later became SEAS in 1988 and remains so to this day.

We are the preeminent local, species specific, regionally based commercial fishing association in Alaska with focus on Pacific Salmon Treaty, Board of Fisheries issues, Marketing Funding, Fleet Consolidation, Regulatory and Administrative Access to SE Salmon Resources and Conservation Principles.

SEAS strives to balance the interests of all the users of our healthy Tongass so that seiners can harvest their historical and rightful share of the salmon resources in the waters of Southeast Alaska.

We at SEAS believe that gear groups and users should harvest the salmon species with the gear type, and in those geographical areas, which have traditionally and historically been the case.

Several of these areas can change with conservation needs and environmental climate and oceanographic shifts over time. Nonetheless, all purse seine districts should be available to harvest wild salmon surplus to escapement needs when wild salmon abundances are high.

The issues our industry faces have become increasingly complex and time consuming. SEAS is working hard to ensure a future for the commercial seine fleet.

SEAS is a non-profit organization association funded solely through membership dues.

You can support us by becoming a member. Membership dues are partially tax deductible.

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